The event, held at the facilities of the new plant, was attended by all the staff of Kersia Ibérica along with the main managers of the head office and representatives of the more than 90 Kersia subsidiaries in the world.

In his speech, Álvaro Redondo, CEO of Kersia in Spain and Portugal, said that the factory is already 100% operational. „You have at your disposal a new tool and among all we must value the 5 million that it has cost us. The 12,000 square meters in which we are are put at the service of our customers so that thanks to the efforts of all we offer society the possibility of improving food safety, „he said.

It has an area of ​​more than 12,000 square meters. The facility has a double tank loading and unloading system, truck loading docks, a double packing area and 5 large storage sections. It is equipped with the most modern safety systems against fire and spills, ensuring the emission of effluents and leakage, even in the event of an accident. Each warehouse is a retention basin in itself.

This company has received a grant from the Government of Navarra under the 2018 call for investment aid in large industrial companies.