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Since October 2021 there have been increased outbreaks of HPAIV H5 (Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza) in wild birds in many parts of Europe. According to many national institutes and organizations, the risk of HPAIV H5 contamination in poultry holdings and bird populations in zoological facilities through direct and indirect contact with wild birds is classified as high.

It is high time to increase your biosecurity measures in and around your sheds through consistent cleaning, disinfection and protective measures.


Strict biosecurity measures and good hygiene practices are crucial!


Kersia is committed to supporting poultry farms through offering complete and comprehensive and tested biosecurity products and solutions, through our ‘‘Cleaning, Disinfection and Protection Programs”.



Effective cleaning of surfaces and equipment ensures the best possible condition for disinfection.

Use our proven alkaline cleaners ULTRAFOAM, ECOFOAM ADVANCED or AGACREAM for the effective removal of organic load. Depending on the hardness of the water, we recommend regular use with an acidic cleaner such as FOAM ACID or DUAL ACID to remove limescale.



Successful disinfection is the elimination of micro-organisms through the selection of a proven disinfectant, applied at the correct dilution rate with adequate contact time.

Our disinfectants VIREX, FUMAGRI EFFISAFE, HYPRED FORCE 7, VIROSHIELD, HPPA, VIROBACTER, KILCOX EXTRA and FUMAGRI OPP were all successfully tested against Avian Influenza Virus.


Product Test Method Concentration Degrees Contact time FBS (soiling)
VIREX EN 14675 1.50 % 4°C 30 min. 3 g/l BSA
EN14675 1.00% 10°C 30 min. 10 g/l BSA + 10 g/l yeast extract
FUMAGRI EFFISAFE EN 14675 0.50 % 10°C 30 min. 3 g/l BSA
EN 17122 0.20 % 10°C 30 min. 3 g/l BSA


EN 14675 0.50 % 4°C 30 min. 3 g/l BSA
1.00 % 10°C 5 min. 3 g/l BSA
VIROSHIELD EN14675 0.50 % 10°C 30 min. 3 g/l BSA
HPPA EN 14675 1.00 % 10°C 30 min. 3 g/l BSA
VIROBACTER EN 14675 0.75 % 10°C 30 min. 3 g/l BSA
EN 17122 0.50 % 10°C 30 min. 3 g/l BSA
KILCOX EXTRA EN 14675 2.00 % 10°C 30 min. 3 g/l BSA
Product Test Method Application Degrees Contact time Conducted on
Fumagri OPP NFT 72-281 0,8g/m³ 20°C 5 hours AI Virus type A (H9N2)



Comprehensive Biosecurity measures are required to prevent micro-organisms from re-entering and contaminating clean buildings and equipment.


Disinfecting boots when entering and leaving the sheds together with good hand hygiene procedures are essential to prevent the entrance pathogens through your personnel or visitors.


Providing options to clean and disinfect boots and hands is the key to success. Make it easy to access hand washing appliances and offer good quality, pH-neutral and dermatologically tested wash lotion such as SOFTY TOUCH for the personnel or visitors entering your shed. Foot baths with VIREX or FUMAGRI EFFISAFE and hand disinfection dispensers containing disinfectants such as DISINFECTANT GEL, DISINFECTION LOTION or ORLIN SUPRADES HD are essential prevention measures and should be placed at any entrance or exit and at any cross points.


In order to avoid spreading, it is vital to clean transport vehicles regularly, i.e. after each transport, with AGRIMAT or KLEENFLEET and to disinfect them with our proven disinfectants (see list of products tested against AI above). Great attention should be paid to the wheels of all vehicles, whether trucks, vans, feed suppliers, employees, or visitor cars – they all should be cleaned and afterwards disinfected with VIREX every time they enter or leave the site.


A great supportive solution for combating avian influenza is Fumagri OPP. It has been successfully tested against avian influenza viruses using the test method NFT 72-281 with an application of 0.8g m³ and can be used as a second disinfection, after the wet disinfection, for areas that are difficult to reach or for areas that are not suitable for wet disinfection. The use in the shed as a secondary disinfection, after the litter has been spread out aims to remove microorganisms which were introduced with the litter.


Next to hygiene measures, increased vigilance, improvement of building maintenance, pest and rodent control, monitoring of entrants and animal health, and training of your employees are essential measures to prevent the entrance of AI to your farm.


Avoidance is better than cure!


For more information, please refer to the PDF document “Kersia – Avian Influenza Solutions

If you have any questions, please contact your local expert or use the contact form on our website.


Disinfectants are regulatory biocides. They have guarantees of efficiency and protection of human, animals and the environment.
Use biocides safely. Before use read the label and product information. Dangerous. Comply with precautions for use.