Working for Kersia

Working for Kersia means making a commitment to help achieve a major ambition: inventing a food safe world. It means joining a group that relies on individual passion, commitment and inventiveness to move forward in shared, inclusive and constructive endeavour. It means always trying to do things better and differently, to achieve an objective with financial, environmental and human dimensions.

Our social vision

Employee relations are undergoing tremendous change, with new ways for people and businesses to work together. At Kersia, we want to help drive this change.

  • At Kersia, we know that every individual has different needs, and we want to accommodate this diversity and live up to the expectations of the group’s newest employees as well as its most experienced staff.
  • At Kersia, we want every employee to be able to contribute to the group’s momentum and flourish in helping to realise our vision of a food safe world.
  • At Kersia, to achieve this, we are introducing tools and channels for direct interaction, so that every employee can have their say and share their ideas with as many of their colleagues as possible.
  • Corporate social responsibility is central to Kersia’s mission and is underpinned by four core values that shape relations with our employees: Transparency, Sharing, Proficiency and Foresight.
  • Safety is a Kersia imperative that leaves no room for compromise, either in our plants or at our customers’ premises. Our Industrial Performance and Safety department is constantly striving to ensure that our production sites are safe and efficient.

Working at Kersia

Working at Kersia means seizing the opportunity to realise your potential, by accepting a role with

  • a young company that is nonetheless founded on a strong base of combined expertise;
  • a business that is growing strongly, has more than doubled in size in two years, and offers opportunities for development in terms of roles and responsibilities;
  • an industrial group that creates value right from the raw material through to marketing of solutions and their end use;
  • a player with an international reach, thanks to sites on three continents and a commercial presence in 90 countries;
  • an intermediate-sized structure (1,000 employees) which allows for a participatory management style, a high level of responsiveness and a user-friendly, benevolent approach to employee relations;
  • a company where new employees enjoy tailor-made training and a guided induction pathway;
  • a group that values its teams and where every effort is made to develop an individual’s skills throughout their career, in their interest and in the interest of the group.

We look for…

  • people who are seeking meaning for our world;
  • applicants from all walks of life, both young and older people;
  • personality, because our interest lies in the individual rather than their career journey;
  • entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs who like to generate and share new ideas;
  • people who are passionate about the world of safe food;
  • applicants who are attracted by international industry;
  • men and women who want to bring to life the Kersia values of Transparency, Sharing, Proficiency and Foresight.

Four values embody the spirit of Kersia

Four core values provide guidance for Kersia and all its employees. 



We build long-term relationships by being open, ethical and fair. In a field confronted by sanitary and compliance issues, people trust us since we are true to our word.

To believe food is safe, consumers demand total transparency.



We learn and progress from the experience of customers, colleagues and partners. Honest communication amongst people with different experiences helps us develop new solutions and make a difference.

Open culture is the secret to progress.



We eagerly engage our clients to identify issues and focus on their needs to get it right. We deliver reliable results and comprehensive performance by mobilizing the best of our skills and technical talent.

Biosecurity needs an integrated approach to analyse and manage risks.



We constantly anticipate transformational change. We think “outside the box” when confronted with new challenges. It is in our nature to innovate and to approach our work with fresh but sustainable options.

Food safety is challenged everyday by new and often unpredictable issues.