Roles & missions

To lead: strategic structural topics (legal, social o/w org chart, financial, commercial, industrial, …), growth of the Group and new opportunities of development

To review: current trading of the Group, based on significant KPIs o/w Top Line / GM / EBITDA / FCF / Bank ratio

To validate: o/w M&A strategy, Key Account strategy, CSR strategy, investments

To collaborate: with our Management Staff for making our decisions participative; in particular to develop sustainable competitive advantage and world leading innovation.

Executive Committee members

Sébastien BOSSARD


Gauthier BAIVIER

Supply Chain Manager


CSR, Product Stewardship
& Regulatory Director

Michael GATELY

VP Head Of International Development


VP Head Of International

Stéphane LE DALLIC



Chief Innovation Officer

Anne-Charlotte QUERCIA

General Secretary


Chief Digital Officer

Guillaume TANTER

HR Director


VP Head of F&B Key Account & Engineering

Our values, requirements and ethical ambitions

Inventing a food safe world is our mission.

It addresses a challenge that we are fully committed to overcoming, with food safety now the number one concern at all stages of the food chain. This mission and our four core values – Transparency, Sharing, Proficiency and Foresight – define who we are in a world where authorities and consumers demand both transparency and trust. They guide us in our daily activities and the decisions we make as part of our individual and collective responsibilities.

They should inspire our behaviour with our colleagues, customers and partners, and more generally influence how we interact with society as a whole. They reflect the professional ethics of our Group.

These fundamental values underpin our commitment to the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) approach that we pledge to support and promote. This CSR approach goes beyond compliance with existing laws and regulations, although these must still be safeguarded at all times.

I invite you to find out more about Kersia’s Code of Ethics that was written as part of this process. It sets out the basic principles and minimum rules that must be respected, as well as the standards of professional conduct to which we must adhere when doing business worldwide. This Code is in line with our mission and the values that guide us.

Sébastien Bossard