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As Salmonella poses a constant source of concern on Poultry Farms, we are happy to share with you newly obtained efficacy against Salmonella infantis with Viroshield + and FORCE 7.


✅ This test adds up to the other 2 tested Salmonella strains on FORCE 7 and Viroshield +, as Salmonella Enteritidis, Salmonella Typhimurium and Salmonella infantis are the most represented strains identified as responsible for outbreaks in P&P business.


Overview of our tested and trusted disinfectants tested against Salmonella (on Farm)

👉 REMEMBER: Always follow a Strict Hygiene Protocol!


Salmonella poses a significant threat to poultry farms, impacting both bird health and human safety. It can spread through various routes, including contaminated feed, water, equipment, and even personnel. Combatting Salmonella requires a multifaceted approach, with strict hygiene practices at the forefront.

Implementing rigorous biosecurity measures is essential to prevent Salmonella introduction and spread on poultry farms. This includes controlling access to the farm, proper sanitation of vehicles and equipment, and limiting contact with wild birds and rodents. Furthermore, implementing protective measures such as wearing appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) and ensuring proper hand hygiene among farm workers can minimize the risk of Salmonella transmission.

Cleaning, disinfection, and protection measures are vital components of Salmonella control. Regularly cleaning and disinfecting poultry housing, equipment, and utensils help eliminate potential sources of contamination.

  • CLEANING: Thoroughly clean the shed and equipment with a strong alkaline detergent such as ULTRAFOAM, ECOFOAM ADVANCED, ECOFOAM PLUS, AGACREAM etc.


    • First Disinfection: Disinfect the sheds – ground walls and ceiling – with a standard broad-spectrum disinfectant such as FORCE 7, VIROSHIELD +, HYRED FORCE 7, VIROSHIELD, AGACID FORTE or FUMAGRI EFFISAFE
    • Secondary Disinfection by means of dispersion by ULTRADIFFUSION® (Fumagri HA and Fumagri OPP), a unique technology which offers uniform diffusion of the disinfectant throughout the room, including hard to reach areas.


  • PROTECTION: Follow stringent protection measures, such as foot dip, hand wash & disinfection, continuous water treatment etc. to avoid secondary infections through entrance of other pathogens to your shed.


By adhering to strict hygiene protocols, including robust biosecurity measures and thorough cleaning, disinfection, and protection practices, poultry farms can effectively combat Salmonella contamination, safeguarding both bird and human health.



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