Tasty and safe

The Bread – Pastries – Bakery Products sector continues to grow on the basis of innovations (with novel formats, speciality breads, etc.) and changes in the occasions when products are consumed (snacking at break-time or on the go) by an increasingly mobile customer base. As in other areas of the food industry working with fresh and perishable products, the sector needs to protect its raw materials and production from bacteria, moulds and certain yeasts.

Techniques that involve disinfectant solutions diluted in water, used in other sectors to ensure food safety, are not particularly suitable for the Bread – Pastries – Bakery Products industry area. The additional humidity in zones used for production (kneading, cooking and cooling) and storage adversely affects the sensory qualities of the products. By contrast, aerial surface disinfection (of walls, floors and equipment), where an active substance is released into the atmosphere, is a highly suitable technique for this sector.

Kersia is the world leader in ultradiffusion® surface disinfection. This is a leading-edge food safety technology that consists of producing a fog containing an active disinfectant ingredient which is diffused into every corner of the room to be treated. It causes particles that were initially present in the air to settle on the floor, cleans the air and disinfects surfaces. The protocols defined for each client provide uniform diffusion, coverage of all surfaces, even those that are hardest to reach (walls, floors and equipment), decontamination of the air, and powerful disinfectant action. The ULTRAD HA* product is bactericidal, yeasticidal and fungicidal, and is effective against Listeria monocytogenes and Salmonella serotype Enteritidis.

The product: ULTRAD® PureAir*,
simultaneously decontaminates and deodorises.

The ULTRAD® PureAir* equipment destroys pollutants, bacteria, moulds and more broadly, volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in the air, and removes odours. The solution is easy to install and provides continuous air purification to limit airborne contamination of facilities, with people and foodstuffs present.

Case study

A European leader in industrial pastries was faced with occasional contamination of its finished products. Exploratory audits by Kersia experts helped to develop a microbiological mapping and an airflow chart for the production site. Following the experts’ recommendations, the manufacturer introduced a disinfection plan using ultradiffusion®, which promotes microbiological balance in cooling and packaging zones. It also prevents the risk of sedimentation on the product during cooling. Microbiological air quality is also monitored by a Kersia Air Test air sampler.

Result: the contamination has vanished.

Use biocides carefully. Before use, read the labels and information related to the product. 

* Subject to products available in your country. Please ask your Kersia contact