Our Innovation teams take a comprehensive approach that enables them to develop innovative solutions on a global scale. Experienced employees at head office and at local sites meet the demands of Kersia’s market, making every effort to anticipate these demands.

A single strategy of disruptive innovation brings together our Marketing team, which manages the innovation process, and our R&D team, which is responsible for creating the different solutions.

Our teams work closely with the Regulatory Affairs, Supply Chain and HSE departments. They also provide input to business development with the creation of tailor-made products, preparation of sales pitches, product training and proposals for appropriate innovative solutions. In connection with an ongoing competitive intelligence process, this support allows our teams to analyse customers’ needs. The inventions developed go out to the food biosafety market.

Our job roles:

  • Food Safety Expert
  • Category Manager
  • Product Manager
  • Assistant Category Manager
  • Database Manager
  • Artistic Project Manager
  • Research & Development Project Manager
  • R&D Technician
  • Microbiology Engineer
  • Microbiology Technician
  • Chemical and physicochemical analysis

Our areas of expertise:

  • Sectors: Food, Farm, Animal feed supplementation, Water business lines
  • Microbiology
  • Formulation: liquid/solid
  • Food biosafety