Our Food Industry teams work with our industrial customer base on hygiene concerns, covering the dairy industry, meat industry, processed products, professional kitchens and cleaning service providers.

We provide expert assistance at their premises, offering hygiene solutions appropriate to their business activities (hygiene for surfaces, tunnels, circuits and membranes, etc.). Our different product ranges mean we can address the specific needs of every customer.

Our experts perform the following tasks: customer visits to identify needs and issues (hygiene and flow audits, diagnostics, testing, etc.), technical recommendations (product solutions, cleaning plans), training in the use of our products and methods, monitoring and audit of washing procedures, drafting technical reports, etc.

Our job roles:

  • Hygiene Technical Advisor
  • Hygiene Technical Sales Officer
  • Market Manager
  • Head of Market
  • Regional Manager
  • Key Account Manager

Our areas of expertise:

  • Milk
  • Meat products
  • Processed products