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The 2000s

New wave of industrial installations in Europe for Hypred and Anti-Germ : Italy, Poland, Germany  Internationalization : Argentina (plant in Cordoba) and Brazil for Hypred  /entry into the Chinese market for Anti-Germ. 


HYPRED comes up through the ranks of processing stakeholders to become the preferred partner of the agrifood industries. Hypred has a strong industrial expertise in the formulation, production and distribution of biosecurity, disinfection and hygiene solutions for food production professionals, as well as disinfection and hygiene in agriculture.


Hypred was founded in 1985 and is headquartered in Dinard, France. The HYPRED brand was founded in the 1980s (subsidiary of Roullier Group), at a time of enormous change in dairy farming. Right from the start, the company was dedicated to helping producers, with the primary objective of guaranteeing milk quality through equipment and animal hygiene.


Medentech is committed to driving a significant positive health impact globally by improving access to safe drinking water and reducing surface contamination by developing, manufacturing and marketing cost effective disinfection solutions. The Company began in 1984 with the development of a fast acting and effective effervescent tablet, Sterinova, as a portable, easy to use disinfection solution for infant feeding bottles.


Founded in 1938, Antigerm is a European leader in the supply of biosecurity solutions, particularly in hygiene and disinfection in the food, drink and agricultural markets.

The 1990s

Both companies – Hypred and Antigerm – opens up to Europe, setting up subsidiaries. Construction of an industrial facility in Lodosa – Spain (Hypred)