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What exactly is ULTRADIFFUSION?  

  • ULTRADIFFUSION® is a non-pyrotechnic, slow combustion technology diffusing active substance in the air thanks to a thermokinetic effect.  
  • ULTRADIFFUSION® enables uniform, very high-density diffusion in the whole volume of the room to be treated, including hard-to-access zones, with precise dose adjustment.  
  • ULTRADIFFUSION® offers a favourable alternative to other methods, without compromising efficacy. 

❓What kind of products based on ULTRADIFFUSION® technology do we offer for the farm sector and where can they be applied?  


👉Our broad spectrum disinfectants Fumagri® HAbased on Hydroxyacetic acid (HA), and Fumagri® OPPbased on OrthoPhenylPhenol (OPP), can be used  

    • where Food Safety begins – in Hatcheries (surface and eggs) 🐣
    • Poultry Sheds – after litter and equipment are on place  🐔
    • Control Rooms – where no wet disinfection is possible 💻
    • Silo Disinfection – 2 days before feed loading 🌽
    • Disinfection of Feed Mills (Storage, Mixer, Press, Cooler) 🌽 and Transport Trucks 🚛


You want to find out more about our ULTRADIFFUSION® solutions? 

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