Meet The Team

For this month’s Meet The Team we catch up with Myriam MCMURRAY – PINARD, R&D Project Manager at Kersia Canada.


💬 What’s your background within Kersia  ?

I first did an end-of-studies internship at Choisy Laboratories (Quebec, Canada – acquired by Kersia in 2019) in 2018 as part of my college studies (DEC; equivalent to BTS or DUT in France). I then continued my university studies with a B. Sc. (equivalent to Licence 3) and a M. Sc. (equivalent to Master 2) in microbiology. Towards the end of my Master’s degree, I approached my former host laboratory, which has now become the biotechnology R&D department of the Kersia Group, and was hired as an R&D Project Manager. I’ve been back with the Kersia Canada R&D team since May 2023.


💬 How would you describe your role in 3 words ?

Curiosity, creativity and persévérance.


💬 Talk us through a day in the life of a R&D project manager at Kersia ?

The day-to-day life of a Project Manager at Kersia can change from week to week. There are 2 main strands to my work: the first is innovative projects, where you have to develop an idea from start to finish, which is a greater risk, but can lead to great benefits for the company. It’s also very stimulating because it requires a lot of creativity. The other area is Business request projects, which involve adjusting and improving existing products.

As I’m in the biotechnology R&D team, our projects are obviously oriented in this direction. Most of them use micro-organisms or their products as active agents in products under development. At the moment, I’m working mainly on a project focusing on poultry, with the aim of improving their overall health through the use of biotechnological approaches, all with a view to offering safer food to consumers.


💬 What would you say to someone considering becoming a R&D project manager at Kersia ?

This job is perfect for someone who enjoys a variety of tasks and teamwork. A planned day can definitely take on a completely different aspect if something unexpected happens. Fortunately, team collaboration is well developed, and everyone can contribute ideas and get involved. Being an R&D Project Manager is also very rewarding for someone with a great deal of intellectual curiosity, as you learn something new every day, whether it’s new theoretical or technical knowledge.


💬 Why join Kersia ?

The quality of the equipment, the team and the projects are the main points that attracted me personally to Kersia. Having access to cutting-edge infrastructure allows for greater creativity through stimulating projects, which enhances curiosity and motivation on a daily basis. Within the team, everyone’s strengths are put to good use, which improves the overall competence of the company. The variety of projects enables the Kersia Group to develop and promote its expertise in different facets of food safety. This makes my job very rewarding, knowing that I can be involved in this diverse growth.


Thank you Myriam for the interview!


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