Dairy Farming

Bad locomotion is directly impacted the animal welfare and consequently the performance of your herd and of your farm: ​​

– Reduction to the access for water and feed both leading to a reduction of milk production.

– Increase the time on the litter so potential increased risk to contamination with environment bacteria as the udder is more in contact with the bedding.

– Increase trimmer costs and intervention on the animals.

– Decrease the general performance of the herd (longer inter-calving periods, higher culling rate…etc).


To ensure a normal locomotion of the herd, prevention is the key ! 

 Kersia help you to build your hoof care management program:

– Ensure a control environment.

– Help to hooves resistance by supplying biotin during the dry period.

– Set a regular hoof care hygiene method including disinfection of the hoof (ideally with an initial detergent action).

Disinfection action, highly Absorbent, Efficient ammoniac smell absorption
reduce disease challenges, increasing profitability
reduce disease challenges, increasing profitability

Our Kersia experts can help you to build your hoof care management program.

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