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For this month’s Meet The Team we catch up with Olivier AROMATARIO, Project Engineer & Head of Engineering Workshop


What’s your background within Kersia?

My experience with Kersia began in 2015 at Sopura as a project engineer. After leaving the company in 2019 to pursue new challenges, I had the opportunity to return to Kersia in 2021 as a Project Engineer & Head of Engineering Workshop that makes part of the Key Accounts Department.


How would you describe your role in 3 words?

Flexibility, versatility and technical enrichment.


Talk us through a day in the life of a Project Engineer & Head of Engineering Workshop at Kersia.

As a Project Engineer & Head of Engineering Workshop at Kersia, my daily life is interesting and varied. I am directly involved in the technical aspects of projects and responsible for their concrete implementation in our production workshops. I interact closely with the engineers, technicians and workers, creating an essential link between the theoretical part and the practical realization. I try as much as possible to bring my technical expertise to the different manufacturing steps to ensure a smooth and efficient execution.

Working closely with the production teams allows me to acquire a thorough knowledge of the manufacturing processes and to solve technical problems that arise. I am also the communication and coordination link between the engineers and the manufacturing side, contributing to the continuous improvement of our processes.

What motivates me in my role is to see projects come to life, to transform theoretical plans into functional chemical dosing units that meet the needs of our customers. Each project is unique and represents an exciting challenge that pushes us to innovate and improve our processes continuously.


What would you say to someone thinking of becoming a Project Engineer & Head of Engineering Workshop at Kersia?

If someone wants to become a Project Engineer at Kersia, I would tell them that it is an exciting and varied job, where you have the opportunity to work with motivated teams in various fields. At Kersia, we have a pleasant and family atmosphere. Being a project engineer also gives you the opportunity to contribute to innovative and challenging projects, which makes the job even more rewarding.


Why join Kersia?

Joining Kersia has many advantages. As a project engineer at Kersia, I am lucky to be in contact with colleagues working in various exciting fields such as food, dairy, cheese, brewing, and many others. This proximity to these diverse industries provides a unique opportunity to gain multidisciplinary expertise. The close collaboration with our sales teams, who are in regular contact with our customers in these sectors, allows me to understand their specific needs and to propose customized solutions. Working at Kersia is an exciting experience that allows me to develop a diversified expertise and to contribute to the success of our company in various industries.


We would like to thank Olivier for this interview!


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