Bioket conference launched with a notable presence. A distinguished Canadian science popularizer, leading researcher, and professor of genetics and zoology—Dr. David Suzuki.

Kersia actively participated in the 2023 edition of this conference, which served as a gathering point for international stakeholders focused on #bioresources, human and animal food, biosourced #chemistry, and industrial #biotechnologies.

From May 23 to 25, 2023, the City of Trois-Rivières is hosting the first edition in America of the BIOKET event. It is a major international event related to the bioeconomy and a catalyst for new technologies aimed at decarbonizing our environments.



As a company committed to driving change, Kersia leverages its innovative approaches to convert #biomass into high-value-added molecules that enhance the health and safety of food, people, and combat climate change.

Éric EMOND, the International Director of Biotechnology and Director of Research and Development at Kersia Canada delivered a presentation showcasing their latest innovations in harnessing micro-organisms and their metabolites to develop novel hygiene solutions.



Bioeconomy For Change is the organizing entity behind the #BIOKET conference, serving as the premier network for the #bioeconomy in France, Europe, and globally. With a dedicated team of 35 specialists, they cater to the needs of over 500 members spanning from upstream #farming to the marketing of finished products.

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