Meet The Team

For this employee portrait, we interviewed Christelle GUIO, R&D Assistant. This portrait is part of our series #MeetTheTeam.


What’s your background within Kersia?

It’s been almost thirty years since I joined the group, first at Hypred, the historic company that became Kersia in 2018; I started in the quality control laboratory in St Malo/Dinard, then I had an opportunity to work in another French factory in the group. I have several functions there, I’m in charge of quality control as well as stock management but not forgetting quality assurance.

I then returned to the Dinard site to take up the position of R&D assistant, working specifically on cow udder hygiene and disinfection products.


How would you describe your role in 3 words?

Rigour, autonomy, anticipation.


Talk us through a day in the life of a R&D Assistant at Kersia.

There is a lot of bench work where multiple tests have to be carried out to develop new products or improve existing ones. Each time, we are faced with new obstacles to overcome in order to achieve the objectives set by the engineer.  And it is this challenge that I found most interesting. This work is complemented by administrative work which is essential such as the writing of reports, the recording of experiments in a laboratory notebook. This work is necessary to take stock and to have the sufficient hindsight to continue the tests.


What would you say to someone thinking of becoming a R&D Assistant joining at Kersia?

It is a real opportunity to be faced with new challenges every day. There are no routines and everyone is free to express themselves and make suggestions throughout the development process.


Why join Kersia?

Kersia is a large international group that offers many opportunities throughout your career. It defends strong values: anticipation, competence, transparency and sharing. These values are perfectly reflected in a Research & Development department where innovation is the leitmotif.


We would like to thank Christelle Guio for this interview!


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