Meet The Team

We catch up with Karine Lefebvre, Sales Representative, for this month’s Meet The Team. 


What’s your background within Kersia?

It’s been five years since I started as a Hygiene Solutions Sales Representative for Kersia Canada (the Canadian subsidiary). Initially, my territory was the west end of Montreal. But, in the spring of 2019, I changed my territory to develop the Laval and Laurentides areas. 

 My job is to offer solutions and services adapted to our markets, including restaurants, microbreweries, retirement homes, school catering, laundromats, nurseries and many others. Each customer receives a comprehensive hygiene program, covering all departments such as the kitchen, dishwashing area, dining room, laundry and general facility hygiene, customized to their needs. 


How would you describe your role in 3 words?

Surpassing yourself, no-routine work, mutual aid. 


Talk us through a day in the life of a Sales Representative at Kersia.

The word’ daily’ is not part of our job! As we say, “No two days are the same.” That’s one of the reasons why I love my job; there’s never a dull moment. Our work vision is to help our customers and prospects by accompanying them to improve and facilitate their work. We focus on their needs by conducting audits in their establishments and anticipating future problems they might have to face without our help. We offer them hygiene solutions tailored to their institution. 


What would you say to someone thinking of becoming a Sales Representative joining at Kersia?

This job is for you if you like challenges, if monotony is not part of your vocabulary, if helping people is part of your values, if you are in continuous search for learning and if you want to be part of a big family where everyone is important. Then come and join us! 


Why join Kersia?

Because yes, we are an international group, but first and foremost, we are people with good values who aim to help others and contribute to a food safe world.  At Kersia, we value transparency, sharing, proficiency and anticipation. 


Thank you very much Karine!


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