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For this month’s Meet The Team we catch up with Marie Lang, Scientific Project Manager.


What’s your background within Kersia?


I started working with Bioarmor in 2014 on various research projects that allowed me to defend my thesis at Southern Brittany University. These included the NUTRILOGIC programme, aimed at developing an active ingredient selection tool based on in vitro tests. This research was carried out at Southern Brittany University on their Vannes campus, within the framework of successive collaborative projects, funded by the Brittany Region: EVHELSAN (2014-2015), EVHELCAP (2015-2018) and then VARIOCEL (2018-2020).

In 2019, after achieving my doctorate, I joined the company’s R&D team with the goal of continuing to work on the NUTRILOGIC project. This helped me develop new skills, particularly in formulation, and better understand the field of animal nutrition.  Since Bioarmor was integrated within the Kersia Group in 2021, I’ve held the role of Scientific Project Manager.


How would you describe your role in 3 words?


Collaboration, perseverance, innovation.


Talk us through a day in the life of a Scientific Project Manager at Kersia.


My daily life is somewhat unusual as I’m assigned to the Marine Biotechnology and Chemistry Laboratory in Vannes and regularly travel between the lab and the Plaintel site. Maintaining this collaboration allows me to work alongside other researchers and access all the necessary lab equipment. My work focusses on developing in vitro models – and particularly the C. elegans model – to assess biological activity in the solutions we develop. My main task involves setting up research projects, carrying out and overseeing work, as well as maintaining the links between our various teams. I’m also always on the lookout for new opportunities for innovation and collaboration in the world of animal supplements.

2021 saw the launch of two new projects, one of which was focussed on the issue of zoonoses in livestock farming, a highly topical issue that we’re working on in close collaboration with Southern Brittany University and Anses.


What would you say to someone thinking of joining Kersia’s R&D department?


For me, joining Kersia’s R&D department has been an enriching experience, as it has given me the opportunity to build on my previous work. The great diversity of profiles, teams, but also the resources available, help to open up whole new horizons. Teamwork is key, and very stimulating for young scientists.


Why join Kersia?


Kersia represents the strength of coming together as one. The R&D teams have only one desire, whatever the topic: to innovate! Even though the subject matter may differ (animal supplements, hygiene, food & beverage, etc.), there’s a common thread running through all our areas of focus, helping us make the most of everyone’s experience to keep moving forward.


Thank you very much Marie!


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