Meet The Team

For this third employee portrait, we interviewed Anne-Laure QUÉAU, Safety & Sutainability Manager. This portrait is part of the series #MeetTheTeam.



What’s your background within Kersia?


I joined Kersia three years ago as Regulatory Affairs Officer. I was in charge of product registrations in a number of European countries, as well as those further afield, assessing classifications and drafting safety data sheets for the Group’s products.

Since early 2022, I’ve been Manager of Safety & Sustainability Department, which is part of our Regulatory Department. I focus on managing the compliance of Group products to ensure the safety of operators, users, the environment and animals alike. This means following and putting in place regulations related to safety data sheets, classifications and labelling.


How would you describe your role in 3 words?


Anticipation, diversity, adaptation.


Talk us through a day in the life of a Safety & Sustainability Manager at Kersia.


That’s not an easy question, because we perform a number of roles. I’d say our main role is about ensuring the compliance of Kersia Group products with the various applicable regulations.

This regulatory assessment starts at the formulae development stage with approval of the raw ingredients being used. Then work continues on the product with the assessment of its classification, drafting the safety data sheet and labelling. For as long as a product is on the market, we have to constantly ensure its regulatory compliance.

Alongside European regulations, we also have to ensure our products comply with regulations from other countries internationally.

At the same time, we’re responsible for the regulatory monitoring of all the chemical substances we use to prevent any potential changes in classification likely to have an impact on our raw ingredients, as well as our products.

This monitoring takes place across the entire range of Kersia products (detergents, biocides, cosmetics, etc.) in order to anticipate any new requirements of the authorities.


What would you say to someone thinking of joining Kersia’s regulatory teams?


The diversity of my role is what’s most stimulating.

The number of different markets we’re in means you have to have a fairly broad knowledge. And regulatory developments ensure nothing stands still for too long. There’s always another challenge round the corner to ensure our products remain compliant, as well as the need for them to be manufactured and used in controlled safety conditions.


Why join Kersia?


The Kersia Group is dynamic and constantly evolving. Working in this context is highly rewarding from both a professional and personal point of view. New acquisitions help us develop our knowledge in other fields (new products, new requirements, etc.).

Joining the Kersia Group’s Regulatory Department means you’ll be helping to develop and bring to market more efficient products while maximising operator and user safety.



We would like to thank Anne-Laure for this interview!

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