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African Swine Fever (ASF) a severe viral, transboundary animal (TAD) disease affecting domestic and wild pigs. It is responsible for serious production & economic losses.

→ There is no vaccine against ASF – cure is impossible!


Biosecurity measures are essential!


In this context, Kersia is committed to supporting pig farms through offering complete and comprehensive and tested biosecurity products and solutions, through our ‘‘Cleaning, Disinfection and Protection’’ Programs.


  • CLEANING: Effective cleaning of surfaces and equipment ensures the best possible condition for disinfection.
  • DISINFECTION: Successful disinfection is the elimination of micro-organisms through the selection of a proven disinfectant, applied at the correct dilution rate with adequate contact time.
  • PROTECTION: Comprehensive Biosecurity measures are required to prevent micro-organisms from re-entering and contaminating clean buildings and equipment.


Virex, Fumagri Effisafe, Hypred Force 7, Viroshield and Virobacter were all successfully tested against the ASF Virus at Wageningen University (NL) and/or Instituto Valenciano de Microbiología (ES) according to the standard efficacy test method EN14675.

Test method EN14675 Concen-tration Degrees Contact time FBS (soiling) Where / Virus
VIREX 1% 4°C 5 min. BSA 3 g/L Wageningen University (NL)*
FUMAGRI EFFISAFE 1% 10°C 1 min. BSA 3 g/L
HYPRED FORCE 7 1% 10°C 30 min. BSA 3 g/L
HYPRED FORCE 7** 1% 10°C 30 min. BSA 3 g/L Instituto Valenciano de Microbiología (ES) **/***
VIROSHIELD** 1% 10°C 30 min. BSA 3 g/L
VIROBACTER*** 1% 10°C 30 min. BSA 3 g/L
* the Netherlands ‘86 ASFV isolated on porcine alveolar macrophages
** using the surrogated Vaccinia Poxvirus (ATCC-VR-1508)
*** using the surrogated Vaccinia virus strain modified Vaccinia Ankara (MVA)


For detailed information, please download the following documents:


Download – ASF – Expert Info : 2007 Kersia Communication P&P Farming – African Swine Fever_ASF_EN


Download – ASF – Flyer: tested products 


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