Pig and Poultry Farming

Avian Influenza (AI), one of the most threatening diseases currently in the Poultry industry.

AI is a highly contagious viral disiease affecting several species of food producing birds , pet birds and wild birds.

On a farm there are many ways of contamination.  How to to check your premises and to detect weak spots in your biosecurity program?


Our team of experts provide you dedicated information on health and hygiene-related topics and challenges to fight against Avian Influenza :


✅ general background knowledge about a specific challenge or disease

✅ possible sources of contamination

✅ a step-by-step avoidance program

✅ Kersia´s solutions


👉Find our more about the disease, the sources of contamination, the avoidance program and the Kersia solution in our dedicated Avian Influenza page : click here now


Further topics covering all areas of farm to fork production will follow soon in our Health Alerts section. Stay tuned for further updates!


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