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We would like to welcome you at our booth at VIV MEA 2021 and provide you with information concerning KERSIA, our hygiene and complementary feed programs and products.  


KERSIA – A pure Player of Food Safety 

Kersia is a global leader in biosecurity and food safety with value added products and solutions to prevent diseases or contamination in both animals and humans at every stage of the food supply chain:

  • For the Food processing industry (milk transformers, meat & ready-meal producers)
  • For Farming (Hygiene & Complementary Feed in Dairy, Pig & Poultry farming)
  • For Healthcare (emergency water purification and surface disinfection in hospitals)

KERSIA – Food Safety starts with a comprehensive ON FARM CLEANING, DISINFECTION and PROTECTION program! 

In agricultural production, disease and sickness amongst animals can be very costly, reducing productivity and profitability as well as putting livelihoods at risk. Good hygiene is not a matter of luck or achieved through the use of a single product but as a result of a holistic approach to implementing targeted measures to prevent the risk of infection and contamination by pathogenic microorganisms. By lowering the risk of disease occurrence and providing an enriched environment for animals to thrive, enables sustainable production to continue and thereby reducing the need for antibiotics and lessening the impact on our planet. 


Whether your business involves poultry farming, hatcheries, feed mills, transport or processing activities, our comprehensive solutions can be adapted to the risks encountered and help you to identify the critical control points allowing the selection of the most suitable products and applications to ensure all microbial and seasonal challenges are covered. 


Catalogues & Brochures: 

Poultry Farming – HYGIENE Catalogue: 

Our KERSIA catalogue containing our complete poultry hygiene catalogue can be downloaded here:  “Kersia Poultry Farming Catalogue 


Our BIOARMOR Poultry product range catalogue can be downloaded here:  Bioarmor Poultry Product Range 

Ruminant Farming – NUTRITION & HYGIENE by BIOARMOR: 

Our BIOARMOR Ruminant product range catalogue can be downloaded here:  “Bioarmor Ruminant Product Range 


AQUATABS® & AQUATABS® INLINE – Your water purification Expert

Continous water treatment by Aquatabs and Aquatabs InLine 

It is essential that no part of the water system is overlooked in the cleaning and disinfection procedure. On-going water treatment with products such as AQUATABS® and AQUATABS InLIne, a world leader in water disinfection, is essential to ensure microbial levels remain low and to prevent biofilm buildup. 


Download the brochure

Brochure – FUMAGRI OPP: 


A bactericidal, yeasticidal, fungicidal and virucidal disinfectant for Avian Influenza with OPP, dispersion by ULTRADIFFUSION®. Demonstrated effectiveness towards the prevention of Aspergillus and effective against Salmonella, bacteria, moulds and viruses such as Avian Influenza. Suitable for animal housing. 


Download the brochure

Product leaflets – Detergents: 


Ultra-high performance alkaline, long cling, foam detergent. Effective for fat and protein removal on heavily soiled areas and effective in both hard and soft water. 


An economical, alkaline blended long cling foam detergent that provides effective removal of fat, grease and soil. Advanced stable foam that provides powerful cleaning action and cling to vertical and smooth surfaces. 

Product leaflets – Disinfectants: 


heavy-duty terminal disinfectant with a blend of chlorocresol, glutaraldehyde and a quaternary ammonium compound, effective at times of severe disease challenge against viruses, bacteria and yeasts. 


A powder disinfectant with a broad spectrum of activity effective against bacteria, yeasts and viruses for surfaces, equipment, footbaths and vehicles. 


An iodine-based disinfectant is suitable for disinfection of footwear and surfaces in animal and poultry housing. A concentrated product that should be used by trained professionals due to the corrosive nature of the concentrate and diluted product. 


Broad spectrum glutaraldehyde and quaternary ammonium based heavy duty disinfectant with a wide spectrum of activity against bacteria and viruses. Powerful foaming, kind to many surfaces with a indiluted pH of 5 and effective in the presence of residual organic matter. 

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