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Hand Hygiene

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Our hands are the first source of propagation of any pathogens. that's why as food safety experts, one of our main concerns is to protect you, your employees and all people from disease. In order to do that, we propose a complete hand product range in order to optimize hygiene performance but also to preserve the quality of the food, with the first objective to respect and preserve people's hands. 


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Kersia offers farmers a global method that respects good practice and optimizes the profitability of the farm. This method is based on efficient and innovative solutions that secure all points of rearing or hygiene that play an important role. Kersia works with you to support your flock and maximise the safety level in term of hygiene.

Food Industry

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Kersia offers food industries a global method of hygiene and disinfection in order to reduce food safety risks. Whether it be innovation, production control, process management and regulatory affairs, Kersia draws on the expertise of its teams to ensure a solutions and services offer perfectly suited to the challenges of your business.