Safer water, safer World

Safer water,
safer World

Water is vital for life and human health. But this vital resource is unevenly distributed on earth.

Over 2 Billion people do not have access to good-quality water. Global warming will lead to further droughts and floods that will aggravate these shortages and multiply crisis situations.

This is probably the major issue of the 21st century.

In 2022, we supplied in excess of 40 billion litres of water throughout the World with our Aquatabs® technologies


Kersia with its AQUATABS® brand is the world leader in the production of water disinfection tablets and small water treatment systems.

Over 1 Billion  Aquatabs® effervescent tablets are used in emergency water treatment during disasters, but also daily in areas where water is not safe, treating over 10 billion of liters of water per annum.

Kersia is a major partner of all the largest international aid agencies and ministries of health around the developing world.

Kersia also provides small-volume water treatment systems, providing for example over 15,000 schools in Africa with safe water and protecting over 5 million vulnerable children. (Aquatabs Flo, Aquatabs InLine).

Quality water, healthy farms improved output

Water is an essential element for the general health of poultry, pigs, cows and all animals raised on farms. Poor quality water (presence of bacteria, fungi, viruses, parasites …) affects the growth, lactation or reproduction of animals. The water quality of a farm and the integrity of the pipes must therefore be regularly checked.

Kersia’s expertise in this field is based on a global biosecurity approach:

  • water analysis;
  • pipework pre-treatment;
  • supply of water purification solutions adapted to all operating sizes.

Aquatabs tablets or systems ensure that livestock have safe, lowest-cost drinking water that helps reduce antibiotic use and improve weight gain.

As water is a key point at each step of the Food Chain, Kersia will contously, enhance its proposal thanks to innovation, for protecting Food and Water, from any contamination.