Criação de suínos e aves

💡 Colonization
The digestive tract of unborn piglets is free of microorganisms. Colonization with the intestinal flora, which is so crucial for the further development of the animals, only begins during birth. In the first days and weeks, the individual microbiome profile develops depending on the feed, contact with environmental germs, pathogenic germs that cause illness and medication. ​

To support your animals from the start, we advise a strict program consisting of Hygiene measures and complementary feed. ​

💡 Environmental Hygine​
▪️ Cleaning ensure surfaces and equipment are in the best condition possible for the application of your chosen disinfectant ;​
▪️ Disinfection to ensure microbial challenges are eliminated. We advise to use AGAKOK 2.5, a strong broad-spectrum disinfectant with bactericidal, virucidal, fungicidal, and yeasticidal efficacy and which can be used for the control of Coccidiosis, Cryptosporidiosis and Ascaris suum. ​
▪️ Protection to prevent the re-entering and spread of microorganisms in the farrowing pen ​
▪️ External factors: Personal hygiene (boots, hands hygiene) ​
▪️ Internal factors: Sow washing, litter hygiene to keep the piglet warm and in a safe environement ​


💡 Complementary Feed
👉 PIGSTART PLUS provides the newborn piglet with ingredients that help to strengthen the immune system and which supports the implementations of a positive flora in the digestive tract while providing an energy source, vitamins and antioxidation stimulation. ✅

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