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Kersia, leader in hygiene solutions, has worldwide expertise in the brewery and beverage industry. Kersia products meet the highest performance, eco-responsibility and cost standards. 

“The” reference in the brewing industry

With the acquisition of Sopura, Kersia is now “the” reference in the brewing industry, providing complete cleaning and sanitizing solutions, standing out for the very high level of expertise and know-how accumulated over more than 70 years in over 100 countries. 

The best matching CIP regimes

As a manufacturer or bottler of carbonated or non-carbonated soft drinks, your production process needs to be up to date with the highest quality level as possible. Kersia delivers tailor-made solutions for your specific production process, offering the best matching CIP regimes for your particular conditions. 

Maximize the efficiency of your filling lines.

Whether your products are conditioned in returnable or non-returnable packaging, Sopura has developed products and solutions to maximize the efficiency, sanity and quality of your filling lines.

We have various solutions for the manual, semi-automated or automated cleaning and sanitizing of your filling equipment, both for Aseptic or non-Aseptic filling lines. 

Processing water treatment

Our water treatment experts optimize the quality of the water supplied to the different steps of the production process.

Program for each step of the brewing process

Kersia offers a complete and customized cleaning and sanitizing solution specially designed to protect beer quality while improving operational efficiency and sustainability. Measures that offer the brewer real added value. 

CIP dedicated to the brew house

CIP dedicated to the brew house

Kersia offers overall approach solutions with CIP dedicated to the brew house (hot block) and specific solutions for certain process applications.

Fermentation block

During fermentation, organic and inorganic deposits form and may alter the quality of your product. Kersia has developped great expertise in cleaning and sanitizing fermentation and storage tanks, annexes and pipes. 

Open Plant Cleaning

Kersia offers products, application equipment and cleaning and sanitizing procedures for Open Plant Cleaning (OPC) of all types of equipment and production surfaces. 


Cleaning & sanitizing filters

The way of filtering, blending and clarifying determines the stability of the flavour and the quality of the beer. Kersia has designed the top-performing concepts (products and processes) to clean and sanitize the different types of filters. 

Cleaning & sanitizing of BBT

The single-phase cleaning process of BBT (Beer Bright Talk) provides savings in water, energy and time. We recommend the segregation of CIP for filtered and unfiltered beer. 


Treatment of pasteurizers

Kersia proposes various technologies and products to treat pasteurizers against biofilm formation, corrosion and scaling with custom solutions for specific local situations. 

Bottle washing

Specific chemistry is available to clean (heavily soiled) bottles and to remove labels and glue residues. Masking heavily scuffed bottles and prevention of glass corrosion, allows a new branding of your bottle without high CAPEX investments. 



Hygiene solutions for breweries

Complete cleaning and sanitizing solutions, standing out for the very high level of expertise and know-how. The Kersia Group’s experts offer solutions adapted to each constraint of your different industrial processes. 

Your Water Management Partner

Kersia has been trusted for 38 years to provide water management solutions in over 120 countries, including in the world’s most demanding environments.

Bottle Shine Program

Complete Program for Glass Protection and Optimized masking to

  • Protect Brand image
  • Optimize Global Cost
  • Preserve Bottle Resources


State of the art technology you can trust

ULTRADIFFUSION® is a non-pyrotechnic, slow combustion technology diffusing active substance in the air thanks to a thermokinetic effect.

ULTRADIFFUSION® enables uniform, very high-density diffusion in the whole volume of the room to be treated, including hard-to-access zones, with precise dose adjustment.

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