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Sheep Biosecurity

Biosecurity solutions for ewes and lambs.

Biosecurity solutions for ewes and lambs.

A range of detergent and disinfectant products which could help reduce the threat of disease from affecting your livestock, particular during times of increased exposure and susceptibility to disease, especially during lambing indoors or out.

Conditions such as ‘joint ill’ and ‘watery mouth’ have recently shown promise in order to help to control such conditions. Good Biosecurity is vital for overall livestock health and cannot be overstated.


A highly absorbent, hygienic bedding powder for dairy cows, beef, sheep, poultry and pigs.


Proven in the defence against oocysts responsible for coccidiosis and cryptosporidiosis.


A ultra-high performance alkaline long cling foam cleaner, for effective fat and protein removal on heavily soiled areas.