Allevamento di bestiame da latte

Reproduction is not to be neglected to optimize the number of productive days. This is deeply connected to the ability to conceive and to lead a pregnancy to its term. ​


Reproduction capacities are diminished by various factors:​
• Breed, cow’s age, production level, overall condition, etc.​
• Physiological and infectious problems related to calving such as dystocia, metritis but not only like lameness.​
• External factors: Heat stress​
• Farm management: Monitoring of reproduction cycle and heat detection by the farmer, housing system​


🔎Key parameters to manage:​
• Feed intake: in quantity and quality to avoid energetic deficit and increase ingestion capacity à better quality of ovulation and heat expression.​
• Supply of essential nutrients such as vitamin A, trace elements involved in hormonal regulation, ovulation preparation and biotin for hoof quality.​
• Monitor closely reproduction cycle: Pay attention to standards for intervals between AI (Artificial Insemination), parturition and to heat detection. Timing is key! When heat signs are detected, you have 12 hours to 24 hours to organize insemination.​
• Good environment conditions: low pathogen pressure to avoid infections (ex: mastitis, metritis…), housing management (ventilation, T°C…).​



BOLIFLASH FERTIL: Support of the preparation of Oestrus and Reproduction
BOLIFLASH FERTIL: Support of the preparation of Oestrus and Reproduction
BOLITRACE BIOTIN +: Overall Support with Trace Elements, Vitamins and Biotin Supply